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By becoming a member of Mhondoro, you directly support community initiatives through donation and in turn receive sizable discounts on your stay.


Direct donation:

€ 700 / R 13 865 *

Credit spend:

€ 1.850 / R 36 643 *

Total payment:

€ 2.550 / R 50 507 *


Direct donation:

€ 1.350 / R 26 739 *

Credit spend:

€ 4.440 / R 87 942 *

Total payment:

€ 5.790 / R 114 681 *


Direct donation:

€ 2.000 / R 39 614 *

Credit spend:

€ 7.770 / R 153 899 *

Total payment:

€ 9.770 / R 193 512 *

* View faq for further specification


What benefits do I gain from being a Mhondoro Member?

Mhondoro Members get flat discount percentages on their stay aswell as free bednights, specified below.

What are the different tiers of the Member program and how do they differ?

There are three different tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The associated discount percentages are 15%, 20%, and 25% respectively. These apply to: accommodation, spa, premium wines, and curio sales.

For how long will my discount rates last?

The member discount rates are valid for one year upon becoming a member.

What is a membership night?

One membership night is equal to one bednight (i.e., one night for one person) at the Mhondoro Lodge.

Which rooms can be used when redeeming membership nights?
The silver tier can use the family suite, the gold tier can use the pool suite and the executive suite, the platinum tier can use the villa. (note, the villa will always use 6 up membership nights regardless of the amount guests)
How exactly are the community projects supported by my donation?

Your donation is allocated to a fund after which it is used to support numerous community projects, all of which are listed on the dashboard section.

How can I use my credit at Mhondoro?

After signing up as a member, your credit will be automatically redeemed upon subsequent direct bookings.

Do my membership benefits also apply to my non-member companions?

Yes, as long as one of the guests is a Mhondoro Member, the benefits apply to the other guests in the same room.

Are there any additional benefits or perks associated with being a Member, apart from the discounts?

After all of the credit has been redeemed, the Members have access to a certain amount of free bednights. Different tiers have differing amounts of free bednights.

How long does my membership last? Is it valid for a specific period or is it ongoing?

The membership period is one year.

Will my membership automatically renew each year, or do I need to reapply?

The membership will not automatically renew and is valid for a period of one year.

What happens to my unspent credit if not all is used before the end of the year?

If not all credit is spent, the remaining credit will be allocated to supporting the community projects.

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Download the full Terms of Service here.


Credit and benefits are valid for one year from the start of your membership. Unused credit will be donated exclusively to the community project.

Community projects

Your membership allows Mhondoro to support numerous community projects and give back to the community. Transparency as to what exactly is done with your donation is something we see as vital in this regard. Click here to see our current initiatives.

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